Uh oh! We still need your help!

For those who care about Kellogg Beach and preserving it, preserving the beach access, slowing the erosion, etc. – please consider sending letters to the City, Port District and Coastal Commission.

We need your help today and we will make this very easy for you.

Below is a link to sample letters to the City, the Port District, and the Coastal Commission. These are rich text files (RTF) that should be easy to open and edit. You will see street addresses for snail mail (this can be very effective) and e-mail addresses, if you choose to simply e-mail. When sending to the City, via e-mail or other, please copy the names at the bottom of the letter.


Personalize the letters where possible. Make it your story, your concerns.

Try to put the information into your own words, not just a copy of the sample letter!

Public views should be protected by the City, but any private views you may have should not be mentioned as a concern.
Use the bullet points in sample letters to guide you with many/most of the relevant issues, but don’t be afraid to share more you may have and make it personal.

If e-mailing, please copy all of the names given for that particular agency (ie, City, Port District or Coastal Commission).

Consider advising them that you wish to be notified of any meetings or hearings where the public can attend.

Sending these letters and having the regulators and code enforcement people hear from the community is critical to this effort so they know we’re very concerned!


A multi-family condominium development has been proposed right on Kellogg Beach.

It threatens all who cherish this beautiful public beach and the surrounding area. 


If this project goes through…

  • It will cause increased erosion to the beach. 
  • It will threaten the delicate environment at this beach.
  • It will hinder and even block public access to the beach at Lawrence Street. 
  • It will create increased traffic and parking issues for the area. 
  • It will block public view corridors that have existed for decades for the enjoyment of all who live and visit the area. 
  • And, it will forever negatively change the look and character of Kellogg Beach.

This is a small public beach, cherished by all who live nearby and by those who visit here. The proposed construction will include a seawall.  Seawalls are well documented to cause erosion and damage to beaches. 

The property will be built up and out into the tides, so that much of the day you will not be able to access Kellogg Beach at the Lawrence Street entrance.  This is the only city designated entrance to Kellogg Beach that has steps going down to the beach.

The project involves creating 9 condominium units in a 30’+ high structure, replacing one low-rise home.  These additional homes and residents will create more traffic and congestion at Kellogg Beach and will impact ingress and egress in La Playa.

The building will be a massive structure that will block beautiful public views of the marina and bay.  These are public views from the streets that are enjoyed by hundreds, if not thousands of people who live in La Playa and those who visit this area.

Finally, this development will be the first 30’+  high condominium building to be built on the last remaining section of Kellogg Beach.  There are currently only 3 low-rise homes on the beach.  Replacing one of these with a large condo building will forever change the look and character of Kellogg Beach, and it will set a precedent to do the same on the remaining portions of this beach.

Please sign the petition against the proposed development of Bayfront Condos at 405 San Antonio Avenue, Kellogg Beach, San Diego (City Project #483497).

We are asking the Peninsula Community Planning Board to recommend against this proposed development of condominiums on Kellogg Beach.

Sign the petition by clicking HERE. Thank you!