We need your help!

For those who care about Kellogg Beach and preserving it, preserving the beach access, slowing the erosion, etc. – please consider sending letters to the City, Port District and Coastal Commission.

We need your help today and we will make this very easy for you.

Below are links to sample letters to the City, the Port District, and the Coastal Commission. These are rich text files (RTF) that should be easy to open and edit. You will see street addresses for snail mail (this can be very effective) and e-mail addresses, if you choose to simply e-mail. When sending to the City, via e-mail or other, please copy the names at the bottom of the letter.


Personalize the letters where possible. Make it your story, your concerns.

Try to put the information into your own words, don’t just copy the sample letter!

Public views should be protected by the City, but any private views you may have should not be mentioned as a concern. Use the bullet points in sample letters to guide you with many/most of the relevant issues, but don’t be afraid to share more issues you may have and make it personal.

If e-mailing, please copy all of the names given for that particular agency (ie, City, Port District or Coastal Commission).

Consider advising them that you wish to be notified of any meetings or hearings where the public can attend.

Sending these letters and having the regulators and code enforcement people hear from the community is critical to this effort so they know we’re very concerned!

Linked below are templates of a letter to William Zounes, Development Project Manager of the City of San Diego’s Development Services Department, Randa Conligio of the San Diego Unified Port District, and Melody Lassiter of the California Coastal Commission. There is also a letter to PJ Lawrence of the City of San Diego Development Services Department.

Click on the RED links below. The letters below should open in your default text editing program (TextEdit, Notepad, Microsoft Word, Pages, etc.) – please note if you click on the links below on your mobile device (iPhone, Android phone, etc.) you may not be able to edit them initially. We suggest if you must use your mobile device to send the letters, copy and paste the entire body of each letter into new blank e-mails, and then you can edit them.

Please be sure to edit the letters so they have the correct date, your name at the bottom and also so they reflect your own personal reasons for your concern about keeping Kellogg Beach beautiful, clean, and safe. Feel free to add to or delete any bullet points – the idea is to make this letter reflect YOUR concerns. You may want to copy the contents of the letter, and paste into a new document – change the font, add, delete or change wording as necessary. The idea is to get your thoughts/feelings in front of people who can help us stop this project!

After editing, e-mail the letter or (better still) print, sign and send the letter via US Mail!

Thanks for your support; together we will SAVE KELLOGG BEACH!





These are comments from people who have already signed the petition to SAVE KELLOGG BEACH. 

JH – San Diego is beautiful. Once we let developers completely bulldoze every aspect that made it beautiful, we lose the beautiful city we used to have. I support preservation of our beaches and city treasures.

MMR – I’m signing because we need to preserve our small, pockets of beaches. Enough condo development has occurred in La Playa. Let’s save this beach.

BC – This beach is a tiny little Jewel on San Diego Bay and only one of two sand beaches on the bay (not counting Coronado). The neighborhood around this beach is totally overcrowded and the last thing we need is nine or more condos stuck on the sand rising 30 feet and blocking Lawrence Street Beach access…

DM – We live in the neighborhood and love having a safe local spot for our kids.

KS – I don’t want to see Kellogg Beach spoiled with over-building, especially a monstrosity that will completely change the feel of the neighborhood.

SW – It’s a block from my house. I walk along there everyday with my dog. Friends and I walk down to enjoy the beauty frequently. It would be devastating to lose our beautiful beach to developers that are only interested in money.

MH – My family and I frequently walk at beautiful Kellogg beach and walking path. Wish to see it remain as is for generations to come.

Sign the petition by clicking HERE. Thank you! 

Comments galore from people who have already signed the petition to SAVE KELLOGG BEACH. 

KA – Stop overdevelopment in San Diego! Here is already way too much traffic in Point Loma and in all beach communities. Please preserve what little space we have left in nature to enjoy in our dear community. Developers – go be money hoarders elsewhere.

AS – This is a delicate area of Point Loma. It is peaceful and provides solace. The project will block public view corridors that have existed for the enjoyment of the public. Second, the area does not support increased traffic and parking that will be caused if this multi-family project gets approved.

SS – This would be devastating to the environment – physically and socially. This should not happen.

SV – This small beach brings back great childhood and young adult memories. This project would destroy the charm and access to Kellogg Beach.

JDC – We walk along Kellogg Beach several times a week. It is beautiful and healthy. We fear this development will hinder access and destroy the beach through erosion – we have watched it happen week by week enabled by the sea wall to the south.

MKC – It’s a ridiculous idea to give this beach away to a select few for a huge project that will forever mar the character of this lovely spot.

MY – I grew up there. Leave the area as it was, not a new Miami Beach!

JS – Condo project will negatively affect this beautiful public beach with a seawall that will cause erosion and loss of public beach use.

DK – The boundaries of this area are too small, getting too populated. The small roads and small beaches are no longer able to accommodate more people. Needs to stop! Point Loma is a peninsula. Build elsewhere!

Sign the petition by clicking HERE. Thank you!